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Forced Witness

Forced Witness

abusedwitness.comYes, there is torture. Yes, there is brutality. YES, there are victims begging and screaming as they are force-fucked, FORCED WITNESS. Watch as a man and his wife are home alone, when two strangers break in, forcing the husband down, beating him to submission and tying him up, forcing him to watch as they violate the woman he loves most in the world. He is bound and gagged as she is brutal to fuck and suck. He is punched repeatedly any time he makes a sound of protest, and she is raped over and over, without mercy, kicking and screaming for him to help, but there is nothing he can do... Forced Witness

Uniform Domination

Uniform Domination See men and women in uniforms acting out rape and violent fantasies. Police, nurses, doctors, gardeners, criminals, garbage men, verterinarians... men and women with animals, being teased and tortured. Fucking and sucking! Hundreds of stories, thousands of movie clips, tens of thousands of photos all at your fingertips. See women raped by policemen, soldiers, doctors, nurses, gardeners, repair men... sick fuckers the poor victims are foolish enough to let into their homes when they are at their most vulnerable. Wanna fuck Your teacher? UniformDomination Uniform Domination

Bi Domination

Bi Domination

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Porno Cruto

Porno Cruto

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Ravished Asians

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Cruel Forced Sex

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Forced Fuckers

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Violent Russians

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Violent Asians

Violent Asians

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Ravished Bride

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Scream And Cream

Scream And Cream

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